walk [wôk]
[ME walken < OE wealcan, to roll, journey, akin to Ger walken, Frank * walken, to full (cloth), stamp < IE * wolg- < base * wel-, to turn, roll > L volvere, to roll, Gr eilyein, to roll up, wrap]
1. to go along or move about on foot at a moderate pace; specif.,
a) to move by placing one foot firmly before lifting the other, as two-legged creatures do, or by placing two feet firmly before lifting either of the others, as four-legged creatures do
b) to go about on foot for exercise or pleasure; hike
2. to return after death and appear on earth as a ghost
3. to advance or move in a manner suggestive of walking: said of inanimate objects
a) to follow a certain course of life; conduct oneself in a certain way [let us walk in peace]
b) to join with others in a cooperative action, a cause, etc.
5. Obs. to be active or in motion, or to keep moving
6. Slang to be acquitted or set free without punishment: usually connoting a belief in the accused person's guilt
7. Slang
a) to go on strike
b) to leave abruptly, often in anger or in a show of protest
8. Baseball to be advanced to first base as a result of being pitched four balls that do not enter the STRIKE ZONE
9. Basketball TRAVEL
1. to go through, over, or along at a moderate pace on foot [to walk the deck, the streets, etc.]
2. to traverse (a boundary, fence, etc.) on foot in order to survey, inspect, or repair
a) to cause (a horse, dog, etc.) to move at a walk; lead, ride, or drive at a walk
b) to train and exercise (a horse, dog, etc.) in this way
4. to push (a bicycle, motorcycle, etc.) while walking alongside or behind
5. to accompany (a person) on a walk or stroll [to walk a friend home]
a) to force (a person) to move at a walk, as by grasping the shoulders and pushing
b) to help (a disabled person) to walk
7. to bring (a person or animal) to a specified state by walking [to walk someone to exhaustion]
8. to move (a bulky or heavy object) by rocking along from one side or corner to another in a manner suggestive of walking
9. Baseball
a) to advance (a batter) to first base by pitching four balls that do not enter the STRIKE ZONE
b) to force (a run) in by doing this when the bases are loaded
1. the act of walking
2. a period or course of walking for pleasure or exercise; stroll or hike
3. a route traversed by walking
4. a distance walked, often in terms of the time required [an hour's walk from home]
5. the relatively slow pace of a person or animal that walks
6. a manner of walking [to know someone by his walk]
7. a particular station in life, sphere of activity, occupation, etc. [people from all walks of life]
8. Now Rare mode of living
9. a path, avenue, etc. specially prepared or set apart for walking; specif., SIDEWALK
a) a plantation of trees in rows with a space between
b) the space between any two such rows
12. a place or enclosure for grazing or exercising animals, as a sheepwalk
13. Brit. the route covered in one's round of duty or work, as in delivering mail
14. a race between walking contestants: in this sport, the heel of each foot must touch the ground before the toe
15. Baseball the act or an instance of walking a batter or of being walked
walk all over or walk over Informal
1. to defeat overwhelmingly
2. to treat in a domineering, unfeeling way
walk away from
to outdistance easily; defeat handily
walk away with
1. to steal
2. to win easily
walk off
1. to go away, esp. without warning
2. to get rid of by walking [to walk off pounds]
walk off with
1. to steal
2. to win (a contest) or gain (a prize), esp. easily
walk out
1. to leave abruptly or angrily
2. to go on strike
☆ walk out on
Informal to desert; abandon
walk through
1. Theater to carry out a walk-through of
2. to make or become familiar with (a process, job, etc.) as by a step-by-step demonstration
walk with God
to lead a godly, morally upright life

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